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Benefits Of Seniors to Businesses


Could your business benefit from more "Senior Moments"?

Like so many stereotypes the "senior moment" is a misnomer.  Anyone can suffer from temporary memory loss.  In any given week most of us will find ourselves looking for keys, phones or glasses.  Here's a real fact about older adults you might not know: Adults aged 50+ control 71% of the nation's wealth and account for 51% of consumer spending.

Village of the Coastside is a community of active older adults.  We share activities, skills and support as we take on the future.  We're committed to redefining aging and making the process of aging better. We socialize, exercise and energize each other, learning, laughing and exploring possibilities.

 If you are looking for "Seniors," you may not recognize us since we are not stereotypical "gramps" and "grannies" but children of the boomer era. We are aging in place and enjoying all the Coastside has to offer.

We love to eat out, visit local stores and spread the word about services that work for us.

We are potential customers with time and money to spend on the Coastside, willing to spread the word about businesses we value. If you are interested in offering discounts, events or special services to our members we'd be happy to talk with you.  
This could be the start of a beautiful relationship - welcome to our Village.

Learn more about us and our wide-ranging activities at

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