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Other Reasons Why The Village of the Coastside Is Needed

Growing Older doesn't mean we have to stop growing.

Our lives offer endless possibility and potential, no matter our age. As we grow older, we might lose sight of this potential—seeing instead only loss or limitation ahead. A better experience of aging means facing the future head on and making plans for what’s next. Villages offer members the resources and connections to explore and make choices for how to live meaningfully now and into their future. By coming together in a community with this common goal, we can grow not just older, but bolder.
When we make a big life change, we often find out previous social networks don't fit into our lives in the same ways.

As we wrap up our careers, welcome grandchildren or make the move to a new community, we sometimes find that the social connections we counted on for engagement, stimulation and creativity are no longer available to us. In the past, multigenerational households could fill many of these needs, but our society is now more mobile. Villages open the doors to new people and new points of view that are in sync with a new life stage. 

As we age, we need strong social connections.

As we age, we can sometimes feel our lives are shrinking. But we still hunger for new connections and different perspectives. We still crave the social opportunities to laugh, learn, teach and offer support. We need a space where we can reimagine our lives, our values, our purpose and future. Villages offer that intentional, reciprocal community.

We can't wait for our government to create a better way for the middle-class to age.

While many services exist for low-income older adults, little exists to support our teachers, nurses, small business owners and others who don’t qualify for low-income services and can’t afford them on their own. Our community is healthier, stronger and more diverse when we support the middle-class older adults who live here. Villages offer members this support as well as the opportunity to age with self-determination while remaining active and integrated in the place they call home.

When we can depend on and contribute to a reciprocal community, we can look to the future with confidence. Caring for and taking care of each other adds value to all our lives.

 As we age, we will need assistance at some point. But we will also be able to support others in their times of need, just as we do now. Through villages, older adults build strong relationships and a mutual support network that we can both depend on and contribute to as we age. In this kind of community, we can look to our futures with confidence and reassurance for what comes next.

Healthy aging goes beyond medical care. It requires social care.

 Access to practical supports like reliable transportation, home safety upgrades and regular medical care is critical to staying healthy as we age. However, four in five physicians do not feel confident in their capacity to meet their patients’ social needs. As a result, families are left to figure that out on their own. These unmet needs can diminish our ability to live independently as we age. Villages bridge the divide to help families and individuals find the simple solutions they need to stay healthy, happy and in charge of their lives.

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